Thursday, June 25, 2015

Robert Forrester, First Fleeter - Descendants of Richard Charles Ridge?

How many descendants does Robert Forrester have? Continuing the search from an earlier post - are you a descendant of his grandson Richard Charles Ridge, the well-known Windsor innkeeper?

If so, can you help put some branches on this part of the tree? Or even a few leaves and twigs? Sometimes we are a bit vague about the full names and dates for our relatives, so I don’t need to have every i dotted and every t crossed. If you know family members as cousin Fiona or nephew Jack, that will do for the purposes of this exercise.

Please send your info to me via email or contact me via Facebook. As explained yesterday, your information will remain confidential (to me) and will not be published online or elsewhere. The simple aim is to collect statistics. Our starting point (from my own database) is 2,534 descendants, including spouses.

Many thanks if you can help. I'll post up another grandchild's 'call for details' tomorrow.

UPDATE, 17 Mar 2018: My tree has grown to 2,598 descendants, excluding spouses, and I have now been contacted by some of Richard's descendants. If he happens to be one of your forebears, too, and if you are on Facebook, you'll be excited to know that a special FB group has recently been established for 'Robert Forrester and his descendants'. You are very welcome to nominate yourself as a member of this group.

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