Monday, December 8, 2014

Forrester Book Reprinted Again

The book 'Robert Forrester, First Fleeter' keeps on keeping on. First published in 2009, it was reprinted in 2011 and has just been reprinted for the second time. It makes me very happy to think that people have engaged with this story. Many people buy the book as a gift for relatives interested in family history, but many others with no connection to the Forrester family have found the book to be a good read.

Robert, who arrived in Sydney Cove aboard the Scarborough on 26 January 1788, could never have envisaged this scene - the size and comfort of modern ships, the Bridge, the development around the harbour foreshores. The little Scarborough ferry is one of those commemorating the ships of the First Fleet, and it plies the inner routes of Sydney Harbour. This quick snap was taken from the upper deck of a gently-rocking Manly ferry - so the focus is slightly blurred.

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