Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lynette Arden, Poet

Lynette Arden is a Forrester descendant who lives in Adelaide. One of her passions is writing poetry and, as one writer to another, some months back she sent me a copy of 'Writers on Parade', the Journal of the Kensington & Norwood Writers Group, Vol 5, 2012.

This well-produced and professional-looking booklet has since been sitting on my desk while I attended to my daughter's affairs in HK and my mother's in Sydney. Belatedly, it's time to blow Lyn's trumpet.

The journal contains some beautiful words by a number of writers, but I particularly loved Lyn's long poem 'When it Rains in Beijing'. The last couple of lines, describing the distant view of tourists walking across the bridge as 'small scribbles outlined against the porcelain sky' was great imagery. Lyn's minimalist Japanese-style piece 'Senryu' was very effective too. Check out Lyn's personal page in that writing group.

PS. I've just discovered Lyn's inclusion in New Poets 15, launched at Writers Week in 2010. The New Poets series is selected competitively State-wide (SA) and contains the work of three poets. Lyn's work was praised in a review of the book, published by Friendly St Poets and Wakefield Press.

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