Friday, May 31, 2013

Grave of Ann Jane Martin née Hill

Family history research takes us on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns, as Barbara Martin has just discovered. Barbara is a proud and loyal descendant of Ann Forrester's eldest son Charles Robert Martin and has been a great help to me over many years. She and her partner Arthur live in Warwick, QLD, but Arthur has been ill and they have recently spent many months in Brisbane.

This echoes the experience of Barbara's forebear Ann Jane Martin née Hill, the wife of Charles Robert Martin. More than a century ago Ann travelled to Brisbane from Eulo, in outback QLD, but her condition (uterine cancer) proved fatal and she died in Brisbane's Diamantina Hospital on 24 November 1903. Barbara has just written to tell me something important about Ann:

'Whilst we were in Brisbane I contacted the Brisbane City Council re Ann Jane Hill's burial place, and when I was taken to her grave site I was very sad to see it was just a grassy patch of earth with no peg or marker to pinpoint the site. So I arranged for Council to put a plaque on the site - 110 years later, but now it is there for anyone who wishes to visit her resting place. I just felt she would have been so alone in Brisbane, and being so ill and with no family to support her, it must have been awful for her. My photo is attached.'

Well done, Barbara. We all appreciate your act of respect and generosity at a time when you were under great stress yourself.

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