Saturday, November 3, 2012


Someone I met recently at an Australian Society of Authors training course suggested 'Goodreads' as a great place for promoting books to a world-wide market place. 'Goodreads' attracts a readership base well beyond the extended family network I currently reach. So this week I joined the site as an author and entered five of my publications to their listings, bringing those five books to the attention of international readers for the first time.

'Goodreads' is a fascinating website which is easy to join. I enjoyed thinking about the books I like to read, mainly non-fiction, histories, biographies and historical romance, and it took just minutes to give some of my particular favourites within these genres a four or five star rating. I've also now rated two popular titles which I disliked ('The Slap' and 'Eat, Pray, Love'). It's a fun exercise, bestowing one's instant judgment at the click of a mouse, and it's an exercise which is easy and quick to perform, as you know instinctively what you think of a book as you turn the last page.

Once you belong to 'Goodreads', I invite you to rate/review my book Robert Forrester, First Fleeter and the book about his daughter Ann (Southwark Luck).  Both have received excellent reviews from the first Goodreader to comment on them. I receive constant feedback that both books have value as histories, appealing to a general readership, and it would be great to show the world that this is true. I know I might regret issuing this invitation, but I hope you'll be kind!


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