Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review of 'Southwark Luck'

It's amazing where book reviews can come from. Check out today's review of Southwark Luck by Helen Webberley on her fascinating blog ART and ARCHITECTURE, mainly

Helen gave me permission to use the map appearing on page 28 of 'Southwark Luck' and offered to review the book when it was published. Given the title of her blog, naturally I was expecting her to focus on the building scam at Francis Greenway's masterpiece, St Matthews Church at Windsor. Instead she showed that she'd read and digested the entire book and found it interesting for a general reader such as herself, with no connection whatsoever to the family or the Hawkesbury district. What's more, she added some interesting images to illustrate her very engaging recap of Charley's story. Thanks so much, Helen.

I'd be very happy for other general readers to follow Helen's example and review my books - any of them.

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