Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Southwark Luck

Southwark Luck, the story of Charles Homer Martin, Ann Forrester and their children was delivered to me at 3pm last Friday 31 August.  It's a great relief to reach the endpoint, after about ten years of elapsed time in researching and shaping the book.

It's the third in my series about significant pioneers of the Hawkesbury. The three books look good together as a set, each featuring on their cover a scene of the farm where the families of Robert Forrester, Paul Bushell and Charles Homer Martin lived.

All the pre-ordered copies have been posted and the book is available for general purchase. Now I wait for reader reaction. And hopefully for the word to be spread around everyone's family networks.

Because the Martin children spread afield, the book has a wide geographic reach, so a request to your local library to purchase the book would also be much appreciated, no matter where you live.

For more details of the book, and how to purchase it, please refer to http://www.louisewilson.com.au/charles_homer_martin.html

I hope you all enjoy reading about Charley's adventures. By the way, Southwark is pronounced 'Suthuck', rhyming with luck.

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