Friday, June 29, 2012

Facebook 'Likes' and Blog 'Followers'

I’m trying to learn how the world of social media works. The experts keep advising website owners and bloggers to interlink with Facebook and Twitter (the latter is not my scene - yet!) and I always wondered why. I thought it was enough that my website ranks highly on Google (a pleasing result which everyone with a website aims to achieve) and the site statistics for my Forrester blog prove that it has a substantial readership (although it has few 'Followers' - probably because most of my readers are in my age group and, like me, a bit confused by social media). However, no-one from the public would know about my band of loyal readers, without some kind of evidence.

That's when I realised the potential power of 'Like' votes in a crowded market place. I've discovered that these numbers are becoming increasingly important to prove your ‘credibility’ in the online world, a world of crucial significance to authors, since so many people now buy their books over the internet. Trouble is - once you expose yourself to the glare of measurement, you have to measure up.

SO - I’d really like you to help me out by 'Liking' either my FACEBOOK page or my WEBPAGE (bottom left hand side). The counter should immediately move up by one. I will receive a message from Facebook and I'll send you a message of thanks if possible.

Likewise, if you have a Google account (i.e. a gmail address), a Twitter account or a Yahoo account, and you are interested in receiving an occasional update relevant to Forrester family history, I invite you to 'Join this site' as a Follower by clicking on the button on the top right hand side of this screen and signing up as a member. I'm still learning about the implications of 'following', but as far as I’m aware of the process, you won’t be deluged with messages, due to my infrequent postings to this Forrester blog.

(NOTE - You can also sign up by joining Google and obtaining a new gmail address. It doesn’t mean you have to use this address - I have a gmail email address myself which I don’t actually use.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out by clicking on the 'Like' or 'Follower' buttons. Alerting friends and family to support my 'cause' would also be a big help. 

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