Thursday, August 4, 2011

Was Robert Forrester a Soldier?

My book on Robert Forrester mentioned several pieces of evidence hinting that he may have been a soldier in the American War of Independence. For example, he was in the company of a Chelsea pensioner when arrested, and he owned a gun in NSW at a time this was rare and he could shoot straight.
Recently, when in England, I made a brief visit to the Public Records Office at Kew to research various matters. Re Robert Forrester, I found nothing which suggested he had ever been a soldier - at least nothing indexed with his name or its variations.
The British Army Service Records, 1760-1915, on the Find-My-Past website also make no mention of a relevant Robert.
This does not mean conclusively that the soldier theory is false - only that the means of proving it remain very limited. But being unable to trace his whereabouts prior to 1783 does mean that finding his place of origin remains elusive.

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  1. on your question of publishine separate books for various descendants, I would be most interested in reading about any in my direct line, but would also be interested in reading about the others at the same time. I say this in particular as I found the historical material much increased my understanding of early life in Australia. I was not interested in Australian history when in school and forced to study it, but you made it fascinating for me.
    Lynette Arden