Saturday, April 30, 2011

Charles Homer Martin & Ann Forrester

The book about Charles Homer Martin and Ann Forrester, with separate chapters on their twelve children, is now substantially drafted. To jog your memories, those children were:

1. Jane Martin, who married Frederick Nichols
2. Elizabeth Ann Martin, who married Philip Devine
3. Isabella Jane Martin, who married William John Dolley
4. Margaret Martin, who married Alfred Bushell
5. Lucy Martin, who married James Graham
6. Mary Ann Martin, who married John Daley
7. Charles Robert Martin, who married Anne Hill
8. William John Martin, who married Mary Becroft
9. Susannah Martin, who married William Norris
10. Martha Martin, who died young
11. Emma Maria Martin, who married George Greentree
12. Henry Edward Martin, who was unmarried

If you'd like to understand why oblique comments such as 'It's the Martin in him' have passed down the generations, then this is the book for you.

Because the opening chapter of any book is crucial for engaging the interest of a reader, that chapter has been given to my writing group. Their comments and feedback have strengthened the impact of the introduction to Charlie in his London days. In later chapters, readers will gain an in-depth knowledge of Charlie's life experiences in Australia and his overall character.

Even when you think your research is complete and your story line is clear, the time required for completion of family histories always takes longer than expected. However I hope that the book will be ready in time for Christmas. Its final title, its final number of pages and therefore its final price are yet to be determined, but the book should be similar in price to the Forrester and Bushell books, which cost $35.

If you'd like to join the waiting list for this book, please send me an email. Click on the 'View My Complete Profile' in the section below my picture on the right-hand side of this screen for a direct link to my email address. Everyone on the waiting list will receive notification to place their orders (at a discounted price) when the book reaches its pre-publication stage. As with the Forrester and Bushell books, once the book has been published, the full recommended retail price will apply.

I very much look forward to hearing from all descendants of Charles & Ann Martin.

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