Friday, March 11, 2011

Book about Forrester Children

The book is substantially drafted but, as I contemplate its structure and size, I feel that I should rethink my approach. The book as it stands requires a degree of repetition, to make each chapter about each of Robert Forrester's children a complete story in itself. I am toying with the idea of splitting the book into four smaller books covering
1. the Forrester sons & exploits of the squatter grandsons
2. Richard Ridge & Margaret Forrester
3. Charles Homer Martin & Ann Forrester
4. Thomas Lovell & Isabella Jane Forrester & Charles Daley

Smaller books weighing under 500gm would have the added advantage of being much cheaper to post than the heavier Forrester & Bushell books have been.

The Martin book is virtually ready to go as a stand alone book, and the material on the Forrester sons is virtually finished too.

However this approach would cause a delay in the Ridge & Lovell/Daley books, as I would need to do a little more research.

I know many of Ann's descendants are waiting anxiously for the Martin material to see the light of day and this group will probably favour a separate book about her life.

Your feedback by email is welcome.

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